Pixelmon SPhadows

A Pixelmon 1.7.2 Server

Temporary Donation Perks

The donation ranks have not been set up yet, however you can still donate to get certain items and permissions in game.

 Please remember you are not purchasing anything, but you are simply donating to keep our server running and help make it better. You are not required to donate but due to irrelevant events donations will be needed to keep the server running. 

By reaching 30 dollars in donations each month, the server will be  guaranteed to stay alive for that month. If we do not reach 30 dollars in donations per month we will try to manage, but our funds are currently very limited seeing as we currently have a daughter on the way. I hope we are able to pull through and with the help of our awesome members, maybe one day she can join us here at Pixelmon Shadows.

Donate $5

Any starter Pokemon of your choice (a non shiny), 2 Master Balls, 10 Rare Candies, Exp Share, Orb, 5 Diamonds & 2 Random Fossils 

Plus 5,000 ClaimBlocks & 5000$ in game cash

Donate $20

 * A Pokemon of your choice (a non shiny nor legendary), A Shiny Conversion of a Pokemon you already own, 5 Master Balls, 15 Rare Candies, 15 Diamonds & Itemfinder. 

Plus 10,000$ in game cash

Donate $30 

* One Pokemon of your choice , 10 Master Balls, 25 Rare Candies, 30 Diamonds, & All the EV Holding Items 

Plus 20,000$ in game cash

* Each of the ranks with stars inherit the previous ranks free Pokemon, meaning a $30 donation would get four Pokemon all together!!

These are the temporary perks of donating. Shortly new ranks will be added with permissions like /fly and /pokeheal, but this is just our current way to give back to those contributing to our community!


For more information on where to donate, please message me on Skype. My username is captainkronic1. 

Thanks again and all donations are truly appreciated!!


A huge THANK YOU to all our members who have donated to keep the server alive and well! You guys are awesome!

  SerenusxTempest & Orionxhavok