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Pixelmon 1.7.2 & Forgemodloader

We are still getting everything ready for the towns, gyms and elite four and still possibly needing staff. 

For further info please visit our forums. We hope you enjoy your time in our server, and you choose to become part of our community!

Our server is a dedicated 24/7 server that aims to be one of the friendliest and funnest Pixelmon survival servers out there! We strive to help those who are new to Pixelmon so if you've never played and want to play with people who understand that, look no further. For those of you that have played and have knowledge of pokemon past and present, then you are more than welcome to come join us as well! I have been playing pokemon games since pokemon stadium was just hitting the shelves so I know a thing or two myself but I personally hate it when you see people getting mad or making fun of someone for not knowing pikachu or what a sandshrew evolves into but I digress. We are more than willing to help get you started on your journey to becoming the best that you can be! 

                              Thanks!! - Cody